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We overcome the transparency challenge

110,000,000 Americans are covered by self-funded (self-insured) employer plans. Both the companies and their employees struggle with health care costs. Employers face two main challenges - a) price transparency up front, and b) employee participation and engagement in innovative solutions. Well, not anymore!

We bring a positive disruptive approach to the selection of health care providers in which a bonus replaces the traditional out-of-pocket. We provide an online interactive search platform that inspires plan participants to discover better care for less.

The Most Flexible:

It works with your own providers' in-network, out-of-network, our own network, and all of the above. It displays domestic or International providers, or both, anywhere from one mile to 10,000 miles. It ranks what participants are most interested in - quality, distance, and their bonus for making a smart choice.

Bottom Line - It's all about choice.

The Most Adaptable:

Tell us what your average bill on your employees' care was, and we will find you better care for less. Tell us the minimum you would like to save on your employee's care, and leave the rest to us. Tell us what you'd like your employees' bonus to be, or let us suggest what we know should work.

Bottom Line - It's all about you.

The Most Affordable:

You get to decide between two payment options, which you can switch between periodically:

A modest percent of whatever savings we create by inspiring your plan participants to select Better Care for Less
A few bucks per-employee-per-month, based on your employee count.

Bottom Line - A better bottom line.


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