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We are "Masters" in custom-crafted, safe, LEVEL FUNDED and TRADITIONAL self-insured solutions. We are a collaborative group of private entrepreneurs fixing healthcare management and delivery. We are information technology management solution innovators. We apply a systemic approach to healthcare management strategies, level funded self-insured contracts and perform population health management, and healthcare consulting of all aspects of employee benefits. We become your “Outsourced HR” benefit solution. Delivering integrated healthcare management processes, connecting all healthcare data, delivering "Next Generation" Population Health Management, applying forward-looking biometrics to drive predictive modeling and improving "State of Health" by changing culture to eliminate healthcare need.

Complete Healthcare Supply Chain Management 


Healthcare Benefit's Cost

High Pharmaceutical Costs

No Real Benefits Strategy

Wellness Plan Irrelevant

Over Insured Members

Incentives Not Working

Employees Getting Sicker

Dependent Not Engaged

Workers Comp Cost Increasing

Engagement is Low

Unable to Identify Best Plan Design

Too Many Benefits Websites


Strategry to Avoid Healthcare Need

Voluntary and Transparent Rx PBM

Long Term Measurable Strategy

Second to None Wellness Initiatives

Slowing Disease Progression

Engaging Dependent Spouses

Target 100% & Engage 100%

Unparalleled Plan Design Analytics

Unequaled Enrollment/Benefit Admin. Platform

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Superior Population Health Management - "Best Practices"


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Veridence 365

Next generation products and services integrated in a high performance technology administrative platform and delivered in a high performance technology system. 

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