Health Care Costs Are Spiraling Out Of Control! And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It.

I. Obamacare/ACA, MLR (Medical Loss Ratio) forces fully Insured Companies to Increase Claims in Order to Increase Dividends and Profit. MEDICAL LOSS RATIO

II. Pharmacy Managers create a mark-up or spread between the price charged and the amount paid to pharmacies. These dollars become rebates that typically go to your insurance vendor or Administrator. DOUBLE DIPPING!

III. Reference Pricing (Established by Medicare) establishes a base price or true costs = 100%. Out of network costs are typically 1,000% of Medicare. PPO's are typically set at 400%. When your network provider or insurance company negotiates a lower settlement, something below 400%, who gets the difference? Not You! TRIPLE DIPPING!

IV. When your group claims are lower than your funding, who keeps those dollars? Not You! QUADRUPLE DIPPING!


These problems are not new and we assume your Broker explained these issues.

We solve all of these problems!

Talk to us today, we are your "Health Care Expense Reduction Experts!"

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Level Funding

The most efficient, safe and effective approach to move from a Fully-Insured plan to a Self-Insured plan is with Level-Funding. A Level-Funded solution is still insured. There are many contractual and performance differences with Level-Funded Solutions. You must carefully vet your choices. We offer only the "Best of the Best." 

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Self-Insured solutions provide the employer the opportunity to have the lowest healthcare cost. However, all plans are not created equal. Critical Cost Containment strategies have to be implemented, and again, they are not created equal. We vet all TPAs and Cost Containment Solutions assuring that you have the "Best of the Best."

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Administrative Services Only with superior Cost Containment Strategies. Reduce operational costs, increase engagement, meet ACA regulatory compliance, manage complex benefit plans from single source login, privacy mandates, manage payroll deduction & requirements & get ahead of Healthcare Reform Compliance! 

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Real Strategy to Reduce the Number, Size and Frequency of Claims!

We Excel @ Administrative Technology, Cost Containment, Benefit Management & Risk Management 

  1. Remove The Middle Man from Your Healthcare Delivery System
  2. 100% of Prescription Rebates Are Yours
  3. Insurance Company Revenue Is Removed
  4. State Insurance Taxes Are Lowered or Removed
  5. Shareholder Dividends Are Removed
  6. Premium Refunds - 100% of Claims Balance Yours
  7. We Audit Every Claim – No Automatic Claim Payments
  8. We Remove All Network Limitations
  9. We Negotiate Deeper Discounts On Every Claim
10. We Remove All Network Penalties For Price Negotiations
11. We Vet, Analyze, Grade and Compare Prices of Hospitals & Doctors
12. We Provide Doctor and Hospital Referrals Based On Better Clinical and Financial Outcomes – Healthcare Shopping Service
13. We Do Not Use Auto Phone System Attendants – “Real People Only”
14. All Businesses Receive Our Comprehensive Benefit Administration & Full Compliance Platforms

How do you accomplish significant cost reduction?

Shop and compare, then cost shift?

No More Healthcare Business as Usual! What are you doing to reduce your Frequency and size of claims? Stop reducing your benefits, increasing co-pays, increasing deductibles, increasing employee contributions and reducing providers. You’re losing Benefit Satisfaction!

We custom craft your benefits your way! Undoing all the above and even offering $0 co-pay and deductible incentives. Restore Benefit Satisfaction! Flatten Renewals!

The Superiority of our Benefits Solution Stands alone. Anthem, Humana, AETNA, UHC, and others cannot compete with our better clinical and financial results, Benefit Satisfaction, Concierge Service and cost containment/reduction tactics. We averaged 23% lower claim spending in 2018!

Stop losing talented employees to other employers because of benefits. Attract new employee talent because of affordable superior benefits!

We apply logic and common sense, solving all of these problems!

Fixing Healthcare Delivery 

We custom design benefits solutions that will attract and retain employees, reduce healthcare need, improve "Quality of Life" and deliver the lowest possible cost to employers every day.

Restoring Benefit Satisfaction

We reverse cost shifting renewal actions of the past by restoring lower deductibles and co-pays.


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THE END of "Healthcare Business as Usual!" 

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Veridence 365

Next generation products and services integrated in a high performance technology administrative platform and delivered in a high performance technology system. 

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