Health Care Costs Are Spiraling Out Of Control! And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It.

I. Obamacare/ACA, MLR (Medical Loss Ratio) forces fully Insured Companies to Increase Claims in Order to Increase Dividends and Profit. MEDICAL LOSS RATIO

II. Pharmacy Managers create a mark-up or spread between the price charged and the amount paid to pharmacies. These dollars become rebates that typically go to your insurance vendor or Administrator. DOUBLE DIPPING!

III. Reference Pricing (Established by Medicare) establishes a base price or true costs = 100%. Out of network costs are typically 1,000% of Medicare. PPO's are typically set at 400%. When your network provider or insurance company negotiates a lower settlement, something below 400%, who gets the difference? Not You! TRIPLE DIPPING!

IV. When your group claims are lower than your funding, who keeps those dollars? Not You! QUADRUPLE DIPPING!


These problems are not new and we assume your Broker explained these issues.

We solve all of these problems!

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Level Funding

The most efficient, safe and effective approach to move from a Fully-Insured plan to a Self-Insured plan is with Level-Funding. A Level-Funded solution is still insured. There are many contractual and performance differences with Level-Funded Solutions. You must carefully vet your choices. We offer only the "Best of the Best." 

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Self-Insured solutions provide the employer the opportunity to have the lowest healthcare cost. However, all plans are not created equal. Critical Cost Containment strategies have to be implemented, and again, they are not created equal. We vet all TPAs and Cost Containment Solutions assuring that you have the "Best of the Best."

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Administrative Services Only with superior Cost Containment Strategies. Reduce operational costs, increase engagement, meet ACA regulatory compliance, manage complex benefit plans from single source login, privacy mandates, manage payroll deduction & requirements & get ahead of Healthcare Reform Compliance! 

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THE END of "Healthcare Business as Usual"

We get to the bottom of what is driving healthcare need. In the past, management focused on the needs of employers and healthcare providers, insulating the end user- the patient. Employers shopping and cost shifting to the end user has forced healthcare companies to make decisions based on affordability. The better and needed healthcare service was many times "put off" because of cost. Chronic disease progressed and members got "sicker quicker." On the other hand, unnecessary healthcare testing drove costs higher to accommodate provider profit centers. These issues can be solved with our technology that manages your healthcare.

Employers, providers and employees are essential partners in the healthcare system. Now is the time to fully engage employees and dependents and develop solutions to help them be more educated and motivated users of healthcare. Two-thirds of the U.S. population remains overweight or obese. With 75% of a person's health status being attributed to behavioral choices, employers are footing the bill for decreased presenteeism, productivity and higher rates of absenteeism to the tune of $13,000 per hourly employee per year, demonstrating the traditional benefits and wellness models are not working.

Fortunately, "Next Generation" benefits are available today; a combination of evidence-based science and technology provides a new approach to corporate benefits and wellness; one that takes a completely different and more productive path at initiating behavioral changes in employees.

Integrated healthcare benefit analytics clearly identifies everyone's financial risk calculated from past claims data, predictive modeling, stop loss cost, deductible differences, stop loss limits and insurance costs. Risk tolerance can be selected by the employer, and detailed financial reporting is generated clearly illustrating the best choice in all the above categories.

Group Benefits Experts is not health insurance. We do not quote health insurance, spreadsheet results and cost shift to employees. We are aggregators, combining new "state of art" technology, products and analytical reporting, creating "Next Generation" benefit solutions. We work inside your health plan if your TPA relationship allows our technology to manage your plan. If your vender chooses not to include our technology we can introduce you to TPA's working with our technology.

We have invested 4 years into this very moment. We offer never seen before technology and strategies, creating benefits solutions for employers with 10 to 5,000 employees. We guide employers on how to save $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 per employee per year. No more shopping spread sheeting and cost shifting. Real strategies, long term planning and ACA compliant; something all employers are searching for.

Veridence 365

Next generation products and services integrated in a high performance technology administrative platform and delivered in a high performance technology system. 

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