Employers should not expect different results when continuing the renewal processes of last year and every other past year. "Next Generation" Population Health Management – Veridence, has the answer for all healthcare plans; there are significant differences in Population Health Management products.

Societal Forces are combining to cause major changes to our healthcare need and delivery of. Baby Boomers are enrolling in Medicare. Information and healthcare data are increasingly available, but for the most part, contained in disparate data silos and not accurate. Chronic disease incidence is a national epidemic, affecting 45+% of our nation's population according to the CDC. Health reform has set a timeline for change.
Providers are being pushed past the point of incremental change toward a new business model centered on delivery of comprehensive care and management of risk. We offer "Veridence" the Nation's leading Total Personal Health Management System.



Personal, Patient-Controlled, Private, Comprehensive, Electronic Health Record plus a set of Personal Health Applications. Veridence enables outcome based wellness initiatives to better engage and drive a healthy behavior transformation. It captures clinical data from all healthcare sources and you. The patient centered medical home is up-to-date with all clinical information and available to all medical professionals involved with member's health. Member's values are integrated into the care plan and members are connected to high-value state of health resources.

This is a must see technology for everyone providing employee benefits and desiring to manage the healthcare supply chain!

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Veridence 365

Next generation products and services integrated in a high performance technology administrative platform and delivered in a high performance technology system. 

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