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VERIDENCE 365provides intuitive pathways for Healthcare Supply Chain Management



VERIDENCE 365 (A Division of Dynamic Group Presentations, LLC.) provides the highest quality “Next Generation” solutions, extensive partner involvement for employee/partner engagements, and access to a network of Shared Service Solutions for consulting, advisory and management of your healthcare supply chain and long term benefit strategies; human capital support; health & welfare benefit design, compliance, administration; and ancillary management needs.

These resources are provided at a higher level of performance and lower cost than our competitors.

VERIDENCE 365 recognizes that each employer’s diversity/culture requires a custom crafted strategy. That is why we offer high-quality services delivered by an experienced team of professionals dedicated to the specific issues of Shared Service Consulting and ancillary support services. You will receive an unparalleled combination of expertise while focusing on your company’s objectives, which means you will receive the solid advice you need with the special attention you deserve.

Established principal with 38+ years of experience, VERIDENCE 365 has many attributes with internal expertise, external expertise and credentials to deliver the breadth and depth of services that may be needed by your organization.



VERIDENCE 365 creates a Client Centric Partnership by accepting a strategic role in assisting employers in meeting their overall business objectives. In something as important as the consulting to your organization, just getting the work done right the first time is not enough. You must have trust and confidence in your partner.

VERIDENCE 365 recognizes that your Corporation’s reputation and its relationship with its’ Employees/partners are at stake.



Group Health/Welfare & Occupational Health

(Consulting, Brokerage and Technical Actuarial, Employee

Communications, Regulatory Governance and Compliance Support)            

Domestic U.S. and Territories or International




Human Resource Information System

Supercharge HRIS – Integrated or Stand Alone; Full Front Office Service, Intuitive Single Source Login

Employee Benefit Administration and Support

Integrated or Stand Alone; Simple Health Benefits Modeling Software & Benefits Optimization

Administrative Support Services

COBRA, HIPAA, Outcome Based Wellness Initiatives, Incentive Management and Reconciliation

Retirement Plan Solutions

Consulting, Design and Regulatory Governance and Compliance Support

The complex regulatory climate and business challenges require more than a service partner. You need a trusted business advisor to guide you through the myriad of options and solutions. VERIDENCE 365 understands that it is not enough to offer an array of solutions, without the technical support and staffing to manage your ongoing needs.

VERIDENCE 365 offers you an array of business and employee management solutions. We are uniquely positioned to provide cost effective alternatives with clinical and financial guarantees.

Additionally, we will grow your company profits through increased efficiency and productivity.


  • Eliminate HR’s N
  • Engagement -Targeting All Members
  • Improving Skilled Administration Support
  • Mitigate Your Risk
  • Provide Healthcare Cost Optimization
  • Reduce Occupational Health Risks
  • Deliver Margin Improvement – Increase Company Profits


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Veridence 365

Next generation products and services integrated in a high performance technology administrative platform and delivered in a high performance technology system. 

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